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'Sewing kits' from Tournesol & Coquelicot

Local, handmade to share with family or friends.

We know Perrine's talents for her sewing creations that can be seen on different designer markets, but perhaps a little less her talents as a sewing teacher.

Here is the first trio of Sewing Kits to make a bow tie (other models will follow soon). A great way to learn to sew; at your own pace, and to make a pretty object that you will keep or that you will offer. Simple and effective, the bow tie will put the finishing touch to your outfit, whether for an official event or just out of desire. All wrapped in this pretty glass case, recycling, we tell you!

That said, what are you doing here Kathy? The fabrics used are taken from my Spoonflower shop. If you have finished a kit, feel free to make a new one with another fabric, it's here:

It's time to get started, Perrine will be listening to you via her Facebook, it's not like home! Attention, small series, hurry up!



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