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My short story


Me, Myself and I,​

I graduated in visual communication from the Brussels School of Graphic Arts (ERG). In the early years of my career I worked for a firm but I soon realised it was not for me. I became a freelance graphic designer in 2006 and worked with various Belgian and European agencies doing corporate work.  


In 2012, I launched my brand 'ByCabotine' which was a great outlet for my creativity, focusing on female portraits using mix-media, especially collage and watercolor. I was also doing various arts & crafts markets selling my bookmarks and otherstationery items as well as illustrated jewelery mounted on bronze under resin. At the end of 2018, I stopped that to refocus on creation. Funnily enough it’s the covid confinement that helped me achieve my goals. I took the time to reflect.


In 2020 I trained in the art of repetitive surface patterns. I adore fabrics and their prints. Stationery is also close to my heart and I am amazed by tapestry and upholstery works. I am curious about everything and continuous learning is part of my routine. A special thanks to Bonnie Christine and her industry award winning course 'Immersion'. I am finally out of my cocoon and rearing to go!


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