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My short story


Me, Myself and I,​

I am a licensed graphic designer and this is my daily work.
I live in Belgium, in the French part called Wallonie, in a beloved house with my husband, my children and surrounded by a lot of cats.

I am also a freelance illustrator and surface designer and
in love with all creative fields. I create vibrant and poetic artworks inspired by the everyday world around me.
My art combines my love of bright colour palettes, scandi geometries and generous florals with a wild touch.

When I'm not drawing, you'll find me :

  • Walking and contemplating the nature outside my house, especially the birds and trees.

  • Listening to rock, blues and folk music.

  • Watching series with my family.

  • Trying new restaurants in the neighbourhood.

  • Looking for someone to share a cup of coffee with.

  • Dreaming of a decoration shop with all my patterns.

My motto is "You have to let your light shine on everyone around you".


Enjoy your life and show it (...with patterns)!

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