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My short story


My name is Kathy Lecocq and I am a landscape, animal, and nature sketch artist, primarily working in sketchbooks. I reside in the countryside, in the village of Graty, Belgium. I hold a degree in graphic design and specialize in surface patterns, with daily work involving infographics.

I am deeply passionate about various creative fields as well. I create vibrant and poetic artworks inspired by the everyday world that surrounds me. My art blends my love for vivid color palettes, bountiful shapes with a touch of wildness. This is also reflected in my practice of painting, particularly in mixed media techniques within sketchbooks.

My motto is "The journey is always more interesting than the destination." We are only as rich as our experience.

Since November 2023, I have opened a Patreon account, where I produce exclusive content for my community.

If you wish to contact me for any reason, please do not hesitate.

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